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Revelation 15-16 – Global Warning for Global Warming

God has promised many times and in many places that He is going to take care of the evil doers of this world; whether it is dealt with during the time of tribulation or at His Great White Throne Judgment. You can find rest (Psalm 37:7) in that promise of God.

Sermon Notes


We have worked our way through six seals of judgement, and in the seventh seal we have made our way through six trumpets judgements. Now we find ourselves in the seventh seal, and in the seventh trumpet judgement, which contains seven bowls of wrath. These bowls are the end and finished work of God’s wrath poured out on the world in the seven year tribulation period.

Key Points/Questions:

  • Do you think God is going to do a good enough job on wrath and judgement?
  • Can you find rest in Him knowing that He is going to take care of it all some day?
  • Did you know that even the Lord Jesus Christ practiced this and “kept entrusting Himself unto the One who judges righteously”? (2 Peter 2:23)

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