Genesis 1:1-3 – When Our Is Became A Was

Four of the most critical considerations ever to be placed before man are questions regarding his own origin, meaning, morality, and destiny. Where did we come from? Why are we? What is right and true? Where do we go after death? Here, we first look at the question of man’s origin.

Sermon Notes


When we walk down the beach and observe a elaborately and carefully crafted sand castle we do not assume that the grains of sand happened to fall and build on on another in such a remarkable way so as to create such a design; rather, we might look about the area to perceive who might have constructed the structure. Provided we are well mannered we also do not seek to destroy it knowing that it has a creator and that it is the the state and destiny of the castle should be under creator’s sovereignty. In the first verse of the Bible God takes us directly to Him. His preeminent existence creative authority alone is enough to establish Him as sovereign over creation.

Key Points/Questions:

  • God does not offer us any more explanation other that He existed before He created the heavens and the earth. This requires faith on our behalf, but does it require any more faith than secular explanations of origin like the Big Bang Theory?
  • Does the first verse in the Bible require any more/less faith from us than the rest of Scripture?
  • Should a sober understanding of God’s eternal existence have any impact on the conduct of our lives?